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MF455dw scans fine from application on windows 10 PC but not from the device


Installed new MF455dw printer to Windows 10 (Pro) PC

Installed the drivers and scan utility

Scanning from the scan utility functions, scan gear works and scanning from windows "devices and printers" control panel works too.  Printing is fine.

Scanning from the device (MF455dw) does not work.  Scan utility and scan gear are closed.  Settings for the four profiles are set to the defaults (save in Documents) and the PC name is shown on the device scan page when the scan button is displayed.  Pressing the scan button just causes spinning wheel for a minute or so and then it displays that there was an error (no detail to the error)

In the devices and printers control panel on the windows machine, the scan properties displays the four profiles under the events tab with all having the "actions" to "start this program" set to "Canon MF Scan Utility".  Monitoring the details in the task manager doesn't show any applications launched when the scan button is pressed nor do any events appear in the event manager.



I found in the registry the entries for the scanner events under


E.g. for fist event ("Color Scan") there is the key:

"Name"="Canon MF Scan Utility"
"Desc"="Canon MF Scan Utility"
"Cmdline"="C:\\Program Files (x86)\\Canon\\MF Scan Utility\\MFSCANUTILITY.exe /StiDevice:%1 /StiEvent:%2"

From the command line I entered:

"C:\Program Files (x86)\Canon\MF Scan Utility\MFSCANUTILITY.exe" /StiDevice:1 /StiEvent:1

Which initiated a scan that resulted in a successful scan that utilized the "Color Scan" profile

It seems the scanner is not initiating the event

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