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MF Network Scanner Selector does not open


I bought the Canon Imageclass mf244dw printer and today began setting it up, using a wireless connection to my computer.   I downloaded the latest drivers for printing and scanning from and while I have been able to print and copy, I am getting the following error when I go to scan.


"MF Scan Utility that is supported by the scanner you are usign may not be installed on your computer.  Intstall the appropriate MF Scan Utility, and then perform the operation again"


I'm using Windows 10 (OS build 18362.535).  I know there's a scan utility called "Canon MF network Scanner Selector" that I'm supposed to use for scanning, but when I select it to open it in the Start menu, there's no response.  It's not opening.  


Any help would be appreciated.








A number or a version is more helpful than "the latest" which might be something different by the time someone reads this.


You appear to be running Windows 10 Build 1903


All of the available drivers and software available for your printer can be found here





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Hi Shadowsports,


Thanks for the helpful reply. 


The model of my printer is Imageclass mf264dw (not mf244dw as I wrote in my original email) -- sorry about the typo.  I did in fact, (yesterday) download the drivers from the page for the correct model, using the dMF260MFDriverV610W64.exe under the driver section at


Your link suggested that I also needed to download the scanning software utility under the software tab at After downloading and running winmfscanutilityv1900.exe, I'm now able to scan to my computer when on my printer's control panel I press the scan button and select "computer".  This is progress.   The scan utility software added another program/tab in the Windows 10 start menu under Canon.  Now there is as an "MF Scan Utility" program as well as "MF Network Scanner Selector" (which I got from the driver download yester).  There's also a README file listed in the Start Menu under Canon (not sure if this was installed by driver .exe or scanning software .exe), but that doesn't matter.


A few other questions: 


1) When I use the Canon printer’s control panel to initiate scans, it saves the scans as .jpg files.  I’d like to save them as .pdf's instead of .jpg's so that I can view them in a pdf viewer (e.g. Microsoft Edge which has pdf viewing) instead of image software (like Photos which is the default program that opens .jpg files on my computer)? Under "Save Settings" for both "Document Scan" and "Scan Gear" in the Canon scanning utility, under “filename” the only drop down option is IMG. But confusingly, under the data format option, PDF is selected.  Why does it put .jpg extensions on PDF files?  After scanning, I tried changing the extension of the newly created .jpg file to .pdf to see if that would allow it to be opened as a pdf (and by my Edge browser), but I got an error when Edge tried to open it.  The workaround I found was to initiate scanning using the MF Scan Utility software on my PC (e.g. select Document from utility software), instead of using the printer’s control panel.  If I did this, scans were correctly given a .pdf extension.  Not sure for this difference in behavior when I initiate scans on the printer’s control panel vs the MF Scan Utility  - is this a bug?



2) Is there a way to change the destination folder for the pdf's created by the scanner to any arbitrary folder without making duplicate copies of pdf’s?  Right now it creates a folder with the day's date in my Documents folder and places the scans there. In the Canon Scan Utility settings section, under “Save In” there seems to only be  two location options for folders (Documents and Images). You can't select “Desktop” or browse to another folder for the destination using the “Save In” selector. The partial workaround I found was that under Scan Utility – Settings – Document Scan – there’s an option at the bottom called Application Settings.  Here I can select “Send to folder” and browse to select an arbitrary destination folder.  Of course, the only issue with this is that it also leaves a copy of the scanned file in the “Save In” folder (e.g. Documents/today’s date folder).  Not sure why there needs to be both a “Send to a Folder” option and a “Save In “ option in Scan Utility.  Seems redundant to me, unless of course I’m missing something.


3) My printer is supposed to support manual duplex scanning -- how do I set this up? In the help it says this is an option in MF Scan Utility under Settings - Scan Gear, but I don't see this option. 



I hope other people avoid my frustration and difficulty by making sure to download (from the links above) not just the driver executable but also the scanning software executable.  Not sure why these are two separate downloads (executables), especially since the driver executable installs scanner drivers (or gives the option to do so). Having a single download that installs drivers and asks you if you want to install scanning software would streamline the process for people setting up their printer for the first time and avoid the mistake I made. Also, why have the program "MF Network Scanner Selector" show up in the Windows start menu?  Even today, with my scanner working, selecting this program from the Start menu does not open anything. This is very confusing  - why have it listed in Start Menu if there's no response if you select it?.  Just a couple suggestion for Canon's software team.


Thanks again,



Didn't work for me the Canon MF Network Scan Utility does not run. (at all).

Hi, crunch!

So that the Community can help you better, we need to know exactly which operating system is running on your computer (i.e. Windows or Mac OS, and which version thereof). That, and any other details you'd like to give will help the Community better understand your issue!

If this is a time-sensitive matter, click HERE search our knowledge base or find additional support options HERE.

Thanks and have a great day!

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The IJ scanner selector is not the main scanner software for the Image CLASS series. If you only have the option for the Network scan utility, it will mean the MF Scan utility is missing and you will need that to perform scans. You can download the MF Scan Utility for the MF264dw using the link provided HERE. You can locate it under the tab for software and it will be the first one in the list.


Once you download and install the MF scan utility, you can scan using the operating panel or by opening the software from your programs list under Canon Utilities.


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Hi I have the same issue, with a Canon MF633 Cdw, OS WIN11, I have installed the latest MF Scan Utility ver, disable the firewall and antivirus but I cannot find the MF Network Scanner Selector. Any ideas?


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