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MF 5950dw Printer/Scanner Installation Issue


I am trying to install Imageclass MF 5950dw printer/scanner to a PC with Windows 7. When I get to the drivers and toolbox installation part it says " found a later version of MF Toolbox, uninstall it and then try to reinstall. It will let me continue with the installation, it will say done and let me finish. If I search for the scanner it comes up and everything looks good. I have the printer/scanner directly connected to the PC. When I try to scan from the scanner to the PC they will communicate with eachother, but I'll get a window on the PC that has two MF Toolbox Ver. 4.9 and I select it (it only lets me select both of them) and hit ok. The window doesn't go away and then the scanner says an error occured. I've searched the PC for any MF Toolbox and delete or uninstall them. I've completely uninstalled the printer/scanner and all the drives. I've tried the install around 4 times now and I keep getting the message about the later version of MF Toolbox. Is there somewhere on the PC I'm missing to check? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

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