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MB2760 print yield is Just 1 page


I purchased an MB2760 several years ago for my household. We print infrequently (maybe 2 or 3 times per year) and only ever in black and white (always using greyscale print option)

The first-ever print was fine (2 pages black and white). Several months later I tried to do a second print, the printer complained that all cartridges were empty. I went into down and purchased just a genuine black cartridge, but when i got home the printer complained that the colour cartridges need to be replaced as well (to print one B&W page.

So i went to the store to buy all genuine colour cartridges. I printed my page. i didnt use the printer for several months, and the next time I tried to print I had the same problem and had to repeat the process. the result of these two incidents was that it cost about $200 to print 2 x B&W pages.

Severa months later i tried to print again, and of course i had the same problem. I see a pattern at this point and replaced the printer. I purchased a new one MB2760 (my mistake) and disposed of the old one.

This one worked the first time round but then ended up doing exactly the same thing as the first one.

to date. over the past few years i have purchased 2 printers, and 5 sets of ink cartriges. in all of this time I have printed less than 10 pages of B&W text. that is roughly $1000 or $100/page. not to mention the many hours (probably about 30) spent fault finding, shopping, travelling etc.

Problem 1. I don't ever want to do colour printing, why can't I use this printer for B&W printing and just use a black cartridge?

Problem 2. Where is all of this ink going? does it evaporate? does it dry out? does the printer just decide that it is too old?

Can anyone assist?