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MB2120 (new today) ADF 2-sided scan fails


Brand new MB-2120 all-in-one office printer received today. Seems nice, it prints great on plain copy paper, and 1-sided ADF Copy works fine, but the ADF 2-sided scan has a problem. The 2-sided ADF copy does try, but 2-sided scanning apparently fails. The final print does come out part way, and is pulled back in, and comes out a second time, but one side is blank. Based on my belief that the front side is placed down in the ADF, the back side prints, but the front side is blank.


1-sided ADF scan works fine, the one side copy is printed. And 2-sided printing from the computer works fine. But the ADF 2-sided Copy scanning appears to fail on the front side.


This is a manual Copy operation, but the computer is Win10.   Printer has been registered online today.


I may not know the quirk to operate it yet. There seems not much to do it, and the manual really adds no detail about 2-sided setup, or which ADF side goes down. The little icon molded into the ADF plastic tray implies front side down, I think it implies that. I am selecting 2-sided Copy in the LCD menu (in Standard Copy - Print Settings), and then it tries to do it (at least printing makes two passes then), but the front side comes out blank. Is there any other setup required? Or should this one be returned and exchanged? Any suggestions greatly appreciated.





Hi WayneF.


If the Automatic two-sided copying is not producing the second side of the page, it indicates a problem that would require service.


For warranty service options, create/log into a Canon Account and register your printer HERE.


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I phoned Canon Tech Support, and they said this MB2100 series printer does Not do Duplex Copy. To me, it seems a problem that it is discussed in the MB2100 manual (like bottom of page 646), but it turns out Duplex Copy does not apply to any model in this MB2100 manual.  Tech Support told me only the MB5420 and MB5120 models can do Duplex Copy (and said one other model no longer sold, which appears to me to be the MX922). That feature is written as Auto Duplex in the copy specifications, and this MB2100 series does not show it.


So my mistake, the manual faked me out. It could be improved if those inapplicable references were removed, or at least said "regardless of what this MB2100 manual shows, these MB2100 series models DO NOT DO Duplex Copy."   It is otherwise a nice unit though.


To clarify: The MB2120 can print two-sided, and make two-sided copies, but it can't scan or copy two-sided originals. The basic problem is that although the printer has the ability to flip the output pages, the document feeder doesn't have the ability to flip the pages of the original. After all, it's only a "small office/home office" printer.

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