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LBP600 Windows 10 can't find option to run Clean procedure

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I have dark vertical I have dark streaks appearing on my printed pages. Online search seem to indicate that there was a way to access a utility to run a cleaning procedure on the printer within Windows 10. I could not find any way to initiate this procedure in my Canon LBP600 printer. Some sources said to right-click on the icon in the system tray but there is no icon in my Windows 10 system tray for the printer except when it is printing and right-clicking on it at that time does not give any options for a utility menu. I tried the special A and B options in the menus but they did not help very much. I found "Mange" my LBP600 printer in the Windows 10 menus but there is no utility or option for running clean procedures.


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Maybe this will help:


Canon Knowledge Base - Cleaning the Inside of the Printer (LBP6000)


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Thanks but it says "click the [icon] in the windows tasks tray" which is supposed to be printer options, I guess.  But there is no such icon in my Windows tray.  None are related to a printer.  Also, the "turn tray icons on/off" in my Win 10 does not list anything for a printer that is off or on.