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LASER SHOT LBP2900B Not Working After Salesforce CRM Tool Update



I am explaining the complete scenario-

I am writing to seek assistance with an issue I am currently experiencing with my Canon Printer, which has recently stopped working.

Before detailing the problem, I thought it would be relevant to note that the printer has performed flawlessly up until now. It has been a reliable piece of hardware that I have greatly relied upon, making this situation even more puzzling and disruptive to my usual workflow.

The problem began a few days ago, shortly after I updated my Windows operating system and installed a new CRM tool as a part of my Salesforce marketing cloud training. To be precise, the printer has ceased functioning since these updates were completed. The timing leads me to believe that there might be a connection between the software changes and the issue with the printer.

After observing the issue, I have made several attempts to resolve it on my own. I thoroughly checked for any potential software and hardware issues that I could identify, which included verifying all drivers were up to date, inspecting the printer for any physical malfunctions, and even rebooting both the printer and my computer multiple times. Despite these efforts, the problem persists.

At this point, I believe that the issue might be beyond my expertise and I could use your help in diagnosing and fixing it. I am unsure if the recent Windows update or the CRM tool installation could have inadvertently affected the printer's functionality, or if the issue is completely unrelated to these changes.

I would greatly appreciate your guidance on how to resolve this problem as efficiently as possible, so I can get back to using my Canon printer as I normally would.


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