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HORRIBLY Engineered Printer - Canon imageCLASS MF6160dw


I set the paper tray that came with the printer with letter sized paper as the default.
Then, I set the Multi-purpose tray that came with the printer with legal sized paper as the default.

As long as I print ONLY letter or legal sized items, this is a nice and fast printer.
But, I regularly also print No. 10 envelopes and various Avery labels.
So, every time I print either an envelope or an Avery label, I must re-set the Multi-purpose tray to tell it I am printing either an envelope or an Avery label.
And, if it is a label, I must ALSO enter the exact dimensions of that label.
Then, after printing the envelope or Avery label, I must reset the Multi-purpose tray to legal paper.
I must do that over and over and over and over again every time I print an envelope or an Avery label.

This Canon MF6160dw does NOT allow you to save those "Custom" Settings so that I could just pick them the next time I wanted to print that item.
Keep in mind that these are STANDARD No. 10 envelopes and STANDARD Avery labels that are probably each printed millions of times per day by everyone.
I print envelopes and Avery labels often enough where this becomes a HUGE WASTE OF TIME to have to do this MANUALLY so often.
The printer that this Canon MF6160dw replaced was over 12 years old when it died.
But, even that old decrepit printer AUTOMATICALLY recognized what printer settings needed to be used when I printed No. 10 envelopes and Avery labels in Microsoft Word.
Now, I could buy another Canon Paper Tray to hold my legal paper so I would at least not have to constantly reset the Multi-purpose tray to legal paper after I printed an envelope or an Avery label.
But, the price of a 500 sheet Canon paper tray (they don't sell anything smaller) costs a WHOPPING 73% of what I paid for the entire printer.
You would think that in this age of technology, a printer that requires 'MANUALLY" changing settings should not even exist.


What - No response from Canon?


You are just angry cause you have to take an extra step. There is nothing for Canon to respond to.

That "extra step" is actually SEVERAL "MANUAL" steps to get to where you need to be & then get back to where you left off.


Having to do this at all (especially "Manually") is UNacceptable to me.


If you think this is acceptable, you probably think we could also do without the invention of the wheel.


If you do not like my review, counter it with FACTS - not a childish comment.


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