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Feature Request - i-SENSYS MF750C Series (MF753cdw) - Shortcuts - remove empty pages (Scan to x)


Maybe someone has a potential solution...
I would like to have a "shortcut" (Application Library, e.g. Scan to Cloud, Scan to Mail, Scan to FTP) with removing empty pages.
It's possible if I do not use pre-defined shortcuts, but not if I use some of the Application Library options.

I want to:
- Having a shortcut for e.g. Scan to Onedrive, with PDF OCR, duplex scan and removing empty pages.

As the function exists without shortcut, it looks like a software limitation.

Other related feature requests:
- option to change the naming schema for the filename for such "shortcut" scans
- option to define a folder within e.g. onedrive/dropbox/... (Scan to cloud)

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