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Color imageCLASS MF656Cdw: Unable to print, windows 10 "No Toner/Ink"


I recently purchased a color imageclass MF656Cdw printer, and I've largely been happy with it. I'm still using the cartridges that came with the printer, but a few weeks ago the printer told me I was out of toner. I was able to press a button to ignore it and continue without a guarantee of print quality, but that was a while ago and it's still been printing fine with no notable decrease in quality yet. The problem is that recently windows 10 has decided to inform me that I'm out of toner and now refuses to print anything because of it. Is there a way to disable this? I'm using the printer over USB, but I've found that if I swap between using the WSD port and the TCP/IP port in the windows printer settings I can get it to print again for a couple jobs before it decides its out of toner again and I have to swap back.




From a best practice perspective, I recommend you choose 1 interface and use that to connect the printer.  USB is preferred for a single device connection.  Wireless or ethernet can be used to connect the printer to a network.  This is useful for making the printer available to the most devices.  

Low toner situation.  Attempting to switch between various connection methods in order to continue printing is not a reliable method to extend printing.  You can bypass a low toner warning message a couple of times, but printing will cease once it's exhausted.  There is an option in the printers settings (which comes enabled as default) that allows you to bypass a low toner warning and continue printing.  However it cannot be used indefinitely.  It sounds like it's time for new toner. 🙂

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