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Canon Maxify MegaTank SD card slot and dye inks


Canon's newest Maxify MegaTank GX6020 and GX7020 printers are the first MegaTank models to finally include a screen measured in inches instead of lines. These models have a 3-year warranty and are designed to be used heavily, unlike many Canon models which require a service tool ransomware to reset the 5B00 error, which will roadblock further usage after a few months of heavy usage. The price is reasonable considering the quality, and it is not priced much differently than laptops, cameras, or phones, of which customers usually have more reasonable expectations for pricing.


No SD card slot is provided with the GX6020 or GX7020 despite being expensive and premium. Canon says this is because these are office models, and that they are not intended for photos. Even if the user is printing mostly photos, refillable tanks, a 2.7" LCD screen, and a 3-year warranty are still desirable. The only models that do have an SD card slot are those such as the TS8320, which do not have refillable tanks and are designed to be crippled with the 5B00 ransom. No 5B00 model would be warranted for 80,000 pages like these fine models. No MegaTank models have an SD card slot either. Canon should have just provided an SD card slot on these premium models.


Also, if Canon provides an alternative print head that can be installed in place of the default print head, that accepts dye-based inks instead of pigment-based inks, then the all-around excellent GX6020 and GX7020 can be used for quality photos in addition to quality documents.