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Canon MX860 repeats B200 error code -- brought it back to store , they couldn't fix it.


Canon MX860 has error code B200, have cleaned and removed printer head

code still blinks.


Are you kidding about Canan Customer Support?  All I ever got from them for both my printer and for my digital camera was "Sorry, your printer/camera is out of warranty.  It will be cheaper for you to buy an new one.  We can't help ytou any further.:

Thank you rickajr!  I tried the other methods and they didn't work but yours worked like a charm.  

Rickajr you rock! Your suggestions saved the day, the MX882 and a trip to buy a new printer. Canon support didn't suggest this. 


Thanks also for suggestions from "Battery...". That didn't work for me. 

Thank you so much!!!! You da man!!!!


I had this problem, I read all the posts that said to do this or do that, the ones with 5 or 6 possible solutions, the you tube video where the solution is to throw the printer off the 2 floor balcony to the concrete below also sucked me in....!!


However, after searching on and off for 2 weeks I found this... and it works.... and it's simple.


All credit to "Tom" (whomever he is).  This is his very valuable post (go to his website, for the original post visit:


It worked for me and it has structure that you can repeat whenever you need to:


Do this:


1. Turn OFF Power
2. Open the print head bay (as though you were about to change inks)
3. Turn ON power
4. Wait for print carriage to start moving to the left and let it go past half way
5. Before print carriage reaches left hand side (but after going halfway across) shut the cover.
6. Leave the Printer turned on
7. Good to go.

(Very occasionally I have had to do this twice in a row to get past the error)


I just wanted to spread the joy...

Good luck.


thank you


I have tired everything including dealing with tech support at Canon. What a trip that was. Not only could not understand half of what he was saying, but my wife could not either. That's bad new there.  Tech would not listen but wanted remote assist. to our computer and then tired to sell us $99,00 worth of repairs on line to a friend or himself who knows.


I tired about 6 of the above and gave up until I came across you bog.  Had to try it twice BUT WORKED GRREAT.  THANKS AGAIN! 


This is my 2d canon 860 and love them both, was looking today for another one but could not find one. I brought this in 2006 and 1st time any trouble but running out of ink and paper.


Thanks again you just save me some $$



Error code B200 has displayed for a month & its driving me batty. 


I performed the steps Canon suggested and they did not fix the problem. I also followed the steps batteryheadbill laid out but they didn't work for me. 


I then performed the steps in Roger32's posting (where the steps originated from someone named Tom).

  • I thought it worked since the printer's display returned to normal!
  • However as soon as I tried to print error B200 displayed again.  😞
  • Roger32's posting indicated I might have to perform the steps another time to fix the problem.
  • I repreated the steps and though the display returned to normal B200 reared its ugly head when I tried to print again. 
  • I repeated the steps, and tried to print, a total of 4 times. No luck for me. 


B200 remains & has beaten me down. I'm buying a new printer this week. 


I had the same B200.  Tried all the "FIXES", only to get the B200 error over and over. Thought I had it fixed at one point, but the error was still there when I tried to print.  Yes, most of the time don't waste your time!  Throw it in  the garbage and get another printer!


I'm getting ready to deep 6 my MX860 because I can't make the B200 stay gone. Just wondering if people experiencing this problem were using Canon ink, or a discounted brand? My printer took a dump a week after loading after market ink. Not sure if that could have caused the B200 error.

The first time this happened I washed the printer head and it worked. The second time I got the error I washed the printer head and still got the same error message. After following your pushing on 5 or 6 times instructions it totally worked!!!!
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