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Canon MF8230Cn printing only pure pages of black ink




I have 4 of the above model printers for my business. 2 of them now, when sent an instruction to print anything by my computer, will just print pure pages of black ink and nothing else. Even if I selected to print a blank white page the printers would just return a page of black.


I have already tried to fix this by cleaning all feeders and trays etc. Also I have tried to fix this by selecting Correct Print Colour Mismatch on the settings function. Both have done nothing to help. Can anyone help me please?







Anyone? Do I get a refund in full if my printers are not fit for purpose? All I want to do is to be able to print, nothing fancy.

Anyone please! I just want to be able to print. I will now be seeking a refund in full and I will let you know how I get on with achieving that.

Hi, Matt!

Welcome to The Canon Forums, and thank you for your inquiry!

We appreciate your participation, though we need to let you know that your product seems to be a model that is not supported by our team here at Canon USA.

The Canon Forum is hosted and moderated within the United States by Canon USA. We are only able to provide support for Canon products manufactured for and used within the US market.

If you live outside the United States, please click here and select your country or region for your support needs.

Feel free to discuss Canon products sold outside of the United States, but please be aware that you will not receive support directly from Canon USA.

Thanks for choosing Canon!

Hello Danny


Thanks for getting back to me. I find this all a bit perplexing for a couple of reasons:


1. Why did I need to wait almost a week and post 3 messages before someone finally told me this?


2. Why can't someone just help me rather than direct me elsewhere?


Anyway, we move on. I'll post it on the relevant forum to me and see if I can have better luck this time.

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