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Airprint very slow with new MF229dw


I have a new Canon MF229dw laser multi-function printer with Airprint.  Trying to print either from my iPad Air or iPhone 6 running iOS8.1.1 I get the following:


- After selecting print about 10 seconds of "Contacting Printer" displayed on iPhone / iPad

- Another 20 seconds of "Preparing..." displayed on iPhone / iPad

- Another 30 seconds (60 seconds total) before the job finally prints at the printer.


Printing from a Windows 7 laptop to this same printer takes using the current Canon printer driver takes at most a few seconds.


I'm not sure yet if this is an issue with iOS8 or the printer - though reading the Apple forums there have been a lot issues with iOS8 and Airprint.  Any insight on how to troubleshoot or fix this appreciated, thanks.


Edit -  I sent a question on this to Canon Tech Support, not very satisfied with the reply -


"The print speed of the MF229dw will vary depending on the output environment.  Since mobile devices are not as powerful as a PC it may take longer for the devices to communicate with each other over the network.


Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance."


OK if it was a few seconds delay, but 60 second delay to print a short text-only email?  I hope I can find a better answer here.  Thanks.