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Selphy Square QX10 Factory Reset


I have a QX10 and it used to work great and I loved it.  Then I got an iPhone 12 with the newer OS and the Selphy app was locked out of the keychain and just wouldn't talk to the printer.  This made the printer much less useful since there's no other way to print...


I had a call over the summer with a very nice Canon service rep.  Ultimately we found out it was an Apple problem, not letting the app access the keychain.  So I have waited for Apple to fix this.


Tonight with the new iOS update freshly installed it looks like it isn't making that same error, but I still can't connect.  


During my call with the rep, he told me how to do a factory reset on the QX10, which I'd like to try again.  I wrote the instructions down but of course I can't find them.  Can anyone remind me of the button sequence and timing?  It's been forever since I could use this thing and I really want it to work again.


Thank you!