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hi guys I have been using micro sd cards in adapters and found issues with loosing all the pics whats going on the cards I have seem to cause this are called.   sandisk ultra  class 10



Stop using the adapters.  Use full size cards, like the cameras were designed to use.

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that does not answer the question why dont they work properly? normally they work but after shooting a while I do exsperience corupted files. I contacted canon on this subject they advise full size cards but dont tell why this happens. I have used some other micro sd cards in adapters with no issues but the sandisk ultra dont seem to work properly.  Is their any one out their who can shed some light on the subject?

Do you really want a techno-babble explanation as to why a conventional full-size card is a better fit in some devices than a micro card inside of an adapter? 


One explanation is heat.  The camera generates internal heat as it is used for a period of time, which could be as short as several minutes, the fit between the plastic adapter and the memory card changes due to heat expansion, which can cause intermittent contact between the memory card, plastic adapter, and camera slot.


Another explanation is that the card is simply an inferior product.  Computer memory chips have a specification called MTBF, which is the Mean Time Between Failures.  This specification is specified as a unit of time, described in terms of how many memory accesses that memory device can undergo before it returns bad data from a position in memory. 


The class of a memory card device does not reflect superior manufacturing, rather it represents how many production tests that it can pass, or more accurately not fail.  If a device can pass all of the stringent tests, it gets marked as "Class High Priced".  Sometimes, quality control is poor and marginal devices can get identified as high performace devices.

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This is correct ...

"Stop using the adapters.  Use full size cards, like the cameras were designed to use."


Beside Canon does not recommend using them. It is in your manual and would not be there if Canon thought they were a good idea.  They offer no advantage that I can see.  They do offer another set of contact points to cause trouble.  Everything in your camera has a manufacturing tolerance.  Using them just adds another to the list.


Use the good stuff.  Cards are too important to skimp on.

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