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raw images not readable by lightroom or CS3 from 5d mkii


Just got my new 5d mkii and went out to shoot my first images with it.  Capturing RAW only I shot 88 frames at Crater Lake.  When I got home I went through my normal procedures for downloading my images with Lightroom and it did not recognize the file type and could not process the images.  Tried getting the images up using photoshop cs3 and it also did not recognize the image type.  Finally I installed the Canon DPP software on the computer and the images showed up.  I was able to move the images from DPP to photoshop finally, but they transferred as TIFF files, not RAW. 


Does anybody have an idea as to what might be going wrong?  I have used the same procedures with my 40D with no problems at all.


ANy help will be greatly appreciated!


Thank you,





Your Camera RAW file is outdated. Adobe should still have the Camera RAW plug in for CS 3 & the 5D2 so just search for that update. There isn't support for the 5D3 & CS3. 

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Thank you cicopo.  I believe you are correct regarding the ;lug ins.  I am curently running CS3 and Lightrom 1.4.  Had them a long time so it may be time to upgrade.


I appreciate your help!




Lightroom 2 was released before the 5D2.  You might have to (or want to) upgrade to Lightroom 4.  I found this out the hard way.  I had LR3, and then bought the 6D and learned that LR3 will NEVER support 6D camera raw. 


There were ways to get around it, but all were fiddly and I really wanted it to work the way it is supposed to, without any cobbled-together extra/external steps, so I bought the upgrade.  I was very pleased with LR 4 vs. LR3, so you may be very very happy to get an upgrade from LR1 to LR4.  Much better at noise reduction and general processing is improved overall.  The upgrade price is only about $79.00, compared to the stand-alone new purchase price of about $120.00.


Good luck.


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if you can't get updates you can always use raw therapee as a raw file editor.


good luck.


cheers from l.a.


There is one alternative you may want to consider, that is to convert the Canon CR2 raw files to adobe DNG then your LR will have no problem with.  


There are many advantages to use DNG, one obvious is compatibility with Adobe as we are discussing.  Others are that DNG is smaller in size without any loss in quality and your non-destructive edits are stored within the DNG files, not in an extra XMP file which is easy to lose when you move pictures around.  You can download a free DNG converter from Adobe.


I convert all of my RAW CR2 files into DNG and delete the CR2 files even though I'm using CS6 and have no compatibility problem (yet).

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