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need recommendations for my first Canon printer-small stationery studio


*I am going to copy and paste the message that wouldn't sent via the Canon contact form as it covers all the pertinent information.* Thank you!


I am writing simply to find if you can guide me in what might be the first Canon printer I use in my solo/planner/stationery business. After 15 years with HP and watching the quality degrade and the problems multiply as I try to print my designs, I am ready to try Canon. Can you recommend a single function printer (I do not need scan or copy) to dependably print the legal-size, thick paper (cardstock, too, would be a boon) I mainly use for the planners and notebooks I create in my studio? I do not need great photo quality as my graphics are delicate and minimal. I value simplicity. I print in the hundreds (of booklets) now, quarterly, but expect that to expand...especially if I can find a reliable printer. I am not looking at expensive machines, but something in the few hundred dollar range. The best printer I had in the past was the HP OfficeJet Pro K8600. The newer OfficeJets can't match it.


And is it true that your support is all truly in the US? HP support has been very unsupportive.


So looking forward to hearing from you. I need to buy a new printer this week.





Thank you for your post, and welcome to the Canon Community Forum!


Canon USA technical support is based in the United States! The forum is a place for Canon users to get together and help each other with their questions, so you'll primarily hear from other users here (we do have moderators and SME's around if the quesiton really stumps the community though). If you'd like to hear what our experts think, we recommend reaching out to our sales team! They've available by phone at 1-800-385-2155!


Thank you again for posting, have a great day! 

Thank you, Samantha. Glad to hear about the support. I did also wonder and your reply reminds you only offer phone support? 


Thanks again.

Hi Again! 


We do also offer email support and chat support for some needs as well! If you'd like to chat with the sales group, you can find the chat option on our website here!