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my many thanks regarding advise




I wanted to say a big thank you to every one who has responded to my questions. I have been on many forums and can say this is the best I have come across and I wanted to say a big thank you and shout out to.  ScottyP ebiggs1 TTMartin RobertTheFat cicopo Waddizzle . You are all very helpful and my many thanks.


You guys are fantasic while I have still not made my mind up weather I made the right choice sigma 150-600 vs canon 100-400 mk2. I have a alot of respect for canon products all be it a bit exspensive I finally decided to go with the canon mk2 100-400 I am still on the fence what to do with the 300 f4 and 70-200 mk1 2.8 as these lenses are heavy things to carry.


I did want to say my exsperience with my mk1 2x extender is it makes the quality very bad almost grainy when I look through the view finder so tend to stick to the 1.4.


I have managed to get the 100-400 mk2 for £1200 thats $1674.00 which is a grey import from austrailia  I saved myself £600/$837. In the UK we do get ripped off on prices that europe and america pay.


But apart from that wanted to say thanks to every one I will be uploading a video on reviewing it as I can compare it to the 300 + 1.4 extender. It does seem the extra reach at 400mm is not that much or shall we call it 370mm.


But wanted to say thank you out of the many forums out their you guys are the best. Regards Paul.


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I sore one of these sigmas 150-600 s on ebay going for around £900 I asked the seller why he had listed it saying it had some dust in it as it is suposed to be dust proof he replied no lense is dust proof but for a lense to have dust in it as it was a new lens seemed a bit strange to me.

Which version of the lens, Contemporary or Sport?  Actually, they both claim to have "splash and dust proof mount", whatever that means.  It sounds like it might be the connection to the camera, but what about the rest of the lens? 


Ernie says the Sport is good to go.  I don't see the engineers giving the Contemporary model weather sealing on par with the Sport model, because it could usurp sales of the Sport.  What edge would the C have over the S, if the weather sealing were equal? 

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It was the sport I was looking at buying one until I got a good deal on the canon but I watched sigmas own video on the lens where they test it in a dust chamber and the lens he was selling had dust in it I asked the seller why it got  dust as the lens has been out for les than one year he said no lens is dust proof. So perhaps the sigma claim is a big lie.

If a lens zooms, it will have some dust get in it.  Minor dust inside a lens is of little concern.  The older ef 100-400mm got a bad rap for dust getting inside.  But in reality it is not any worse at it than any other zoom lens.  People saw the pump action as more of a "dust pump".  Totally false. More from the idiots that write reviews without actually using the gear they write about.  All zoom lenses move inside whether you twist them or slide them or pump them.


On the Sigma S the rear element moves as it zooms.  Dust is going to get in there!  This is common in the way most zooms are made not just the S.


The Sigma S is all metal.  The C is mostly plastic as is the Tamron.  The C doesn't have anywhere near the weather resistance that the S has.  It isn't even as good as the Tamron in sealing which is also mostly plastic. IMHO, choosing between the Sigma C and the Tamron, the Tammy is slightly better.


I am not going to test it myself but I think the Sigma S could withstand being left out in the rain.  Even a hard rain.  Not simply being splashed upon!

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