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My Image Garden useless replacement for Easy-PhotoPrint EX


I've been an avid user of the Easy-PhotoPrint EX software for printing multiple images of different sizes on an A4 page.  I have delayed moving to the latest version of Mac OS in order to continue using the software.


In Easy PhotoPrint EX it is easy to do the following:

  1. Select the images I want to print on an A4 page and add more images as I go along
  2. Specify the EXACT SIZE of each image on a single layout page of photo paper, e.g. image 1 is 4x6, image 2 is 3x3, image 3 is 3x4, image 4 is 6x8, etc.
  3. Move the images around on the page to make the best use of the available space so that I don't waste photo paper

Now that Easy PhotoPrint EX has been discontinued, I am forced to use My Image Garden.  I have been unable to do steps 2 and 3 mentioned above in My Image Garden so in my opinion it is a useless replacement.  I have tried everything!!!


According to the Canon website "Please note: Easy-PhotoPrint EX has been replaced by My Image Garden. All of the functions from Easy-PhotoPrint EX are available in My Image Garden."  


If this is in actual fact a true statement and not just false marketing, please advise on the exact steps to follow to be able to execute steps 2 and 3 mentioned above in My Image Garden.









Maybe this will help:


Canon : PIXMA Manuals : My Image Garden : Printing Photos in a Variety of Layouts

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Thank you for the response. Unfortunately it doesn't do what I need which is to be able to print multiple photos of different sizes on a single page of photo paper.

The steps in the manual and the options available in My Image Garden facilitate the printing of several images of the same size on a single photo page. I need multiple images of different sizes on the same page.