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error 404

I posted a message a week or more ago. This am I get a message that I have a reply but whatever I try to do to retiieve it, I get "error 404 url not found." ???

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Re: error 404

Hi, qrpnut!

We checked your posting history and we didn't find any that generated a 404 error.

To see your post log, just check your account settings.  A quick shortcut is simply to click on your user name on the left-hand side of the post above.  There, you'll see your most recent posts.

Additionally, we periodically do a bit of organizing to make sure posts appear under the appropriate topic.  That may occasionally result in older URLs becoming outdated, as they reference the board name within the web address.  Your post log should reflect all their current locations.

We hope this helps!

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Re: error 404

The 404 or Not Found error message is an HTTP standard response code indicating that the client was able to communicate with a given server, but the server could not find what was requested.This typically would be a DNS issue. Check your network connetion settings to see if theyre the same on the desktop. You can open a command prompt and type: Ipconfig /all Change your laptop to the same as the desktop if different and run the command Ipconfig /flushdns


There are diffrent ways to trouble shoot 404 or url errors




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Re: error 404

@qrpnut wrote:

I posted a message a week or more ago. This am I get a message that I have a reply but whatever I try to do to retiieve it, I get "error 404 url not found." ???

It is possible that someone posted a message, and then had second thoughts and deleted it.  Meanwhile, yoiu recieved a message, and a link, that a reply was posted.  If the message was deleted, then the link is pointing at something which cannot be found.

I wouldn't worry about it for long.  If a message could not be found, it cannot be found.  


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5D MARK iii off center image

I just bought a new 5D MARK III  and I've noticed all my images are slightly rotated a couple degrees to the left on all my photos even though I have eneabled the grid in the view finder and I know my left leg isn't shorter than me right.


any thoughts?4Q9A0664.JPG

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Re: error 404

I do not know how to post a message

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Re: error 404



You can post a new message by selecting a topic at the top from "Camera" "Printer" "Cinema EOS" "Camcorder" or "General Discussion" From there you select the sub topic from the list you see on the screen. On the next page towards the top left there should be a red button that says "New Message". We hope this helps!

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Re: error 404

I encountered this error too but after a day it became okay. I think every site tend to face such error.

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