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What Print lab do you like to use?


this can be for both professional and personal.... what is your favorite print lab?  I usually use millers, but its gotten expensive for personal prints.



I was thinking miller's consumer print lab, MPix, or possibly costco.... i heard they were good.  


I have tried some local ones, but hated how the pictures turned out so costco is my next local, but they also took 3-4 days to send me pictures.


I have never used MPIX, but they are very well regarged in the printing business.

I personally use Adorama in New York City (  to print my larger prints. (Anything bigger than my Pixma Pro 9000 (13"x19"))


Costco is hit and miss. I've seen photos from Costco that were "reasonable" at best, and others that are just terrible...I guess it just depends on which warehouse you go to.


I would recommend Adorama. They have always done a great job with my jpegs.




For online print services, I've only used Snapfish.  Two of the six times, I had to contact their customer service because the prints didn't arrive even after waiting 2 weeks.  To their credit, they rushed the reprints successfully.  Overall, it was a turn off and I just bought a Canon Pixma.  It's perfect for my 8x10 needs.


I haven't had any problems with Costco in 6 years. As for my local pro lab that I used for 30 years & paid for most of their new wing, they want two days normal processing, 10 times the price, & won't provide a printer profile. I'll only use them again when they can provide something that Costco can't.


I don't know if they've changed it, but mail orders aren't printed by Costco. Prints ordered online & picked up at the store are. Be sure you don't use the "fast upload" option, too.


Each store has their own profile, & they're updated about once a year.  Click on the locations at the left in:

If you use Image> Mode / Convert to profile, uncheck the ICC profile box at the bottom  when you File> "Save As"

Just before clicking on "Place Order" at the end, click on "Options - Edit Options" for back printing & to turn AutoCorrect off.


I print through Smugmug using EZPrints.  For critical stuff I softproof in PS first.


Everything I've received from EZPrints so far has been an excellent match to my calibrated system.  I've also used AdoramaPix for some books and they did an amazing job.

I've started using MPIX and have been very happy with them. I use Artistic Photo Canvas for canvas prints. 


Adorama, although I'm not happy about their new added charge for pick-up.

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