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Usage of a Federally copy written image without consent or payment


I hope someone can me.  I'm trying to find an email of someone to contact about a copyright infringement.  My image was used on 2 locations on the site.  I can't find who to contact.


Any ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help.



Any ideas???


Ya, provide links to the images of this alleged infringement.


Customer Care and Support



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Providing links to the image does nothing for me other than having people comment.  I know how to deal with copyright infringements.  What I need is an email of the right department.  Canon is so big, hard to get where I need to go.


I don't need for others to link to site just to say "Are you sure that is your image".  It is my image and it was used without my consent.


If anyone can help with email address that would be great.



Hi, photojoe22!

Images featured on Canon USA's social media channels come from a few different sources. Some images are provided by the photographers themsleves and used with their direct permission. Others may come from Canon-operated sources such as Canon RAISE whose terms and conditions allow us to use select images for promotional purposes. And finally, images may also come from stock photo services. In that last scenario, any concerns about photo usage would need to be directed to the stock photo agency.

We hope this clears things up!

Sorry, it doesn't clear anything up.


It was not social media.  It is on  It is Canon's page.  I would know if I gave them permission, and I didn't.


As far as stock agency, that's silly.  I would have to guess which agency and asking them to provide info on an image that they may or may not have licensed is not going to work.  They will say that is between them and client.


I think it is simple.  I'm looking for someone from Canon to message me a contact or email that I can talk to about this.  I don't need anyone to defend Canon.  I love Canon.  Been using for 40 years.  But they aren't above making a mistake.

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