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Should I upgrade my camera body? (Canon rebel xt)


I've been away from the photography scene for a while, and there's so much new tech that i'm overwhelmed. I have a Canon Rebel xt, with a 70-200mm f/4 lens that I love. I mostly just want to take photos of my dog when we go on hikes.

Will I get a big bump in photo quality if I upgrade the body? The photos aren't very sharp if I zoom in (6 megapixel limitation), but otherwise i'm happy with it.

If I were to upgrade, my budget would be in the $600 range, and i'd look for something used. I've seen the Canon 7d recommended (does it make a difference if it's mk i or mk ii?), and the 70d/80ds too. Any major differences vs the Canon SL3 vs the latest rebel T?



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What is the end use of your photoss - Instagram/email or large prints?


Can you post a JPEG of a typical photo that you don't think is sharp? Post an out of camera copy so the EXIF data can be seen.


I had a 1D Mark IIn back in 2006 that was an 8MP body.


This is a random shot I pulled up showing full size ana crop section at 100%., Taken with a 70-200 f/4.


I suspect that you should be able to get a similar shot quality with your camera.


Screenshot 2021-01-28 084719.jpg


Screenshot 2021-01-28 084822.jpg


Probably wouldn't make a great wall print, but also not what I would classify as blurry.

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As John commented very correctly, much depends on what you are using the camera to produce.  If your purpose is to produce small prints or to view on a media device, and you are happy with those results then stick with what you have. 


cheers, TREVOR

Before you ask us, have you looked in the manual or on the Canon Support Site?
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The fact is any reason is a good reason to upgrade your camera. Smiley Happy  I have many times!  Smiley Very Happy

The XT is pretty long in the tooth there Kido.  However, the 7D is also an old guy.  I would rather see you get an 80D or something in that era of camera.


It isn't going to take much to get a better camera and better pictures. Any newer camera will do that.


"Any major differences vs the Canon SL3 vs the latest rebel T?"


The biggest difference is the size.  It is unlikely that a person that is considering a 7D would like or opt for an SL3 or any SLx or vice versa. Do consider that 80D idea.

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