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Questionable phone support from 800-Service


My printer initially was working but wasn't working today. I was looking at the help section. I immediately had a phone call from 800-Service (888-585-8398) asking if I needed help with my printer. Had a similar call previously when I installed the printer. They identified themselves from Canon. The gentleman worked me through the issue and stated that it wasn't my printers, it was my computer. Computer is 5 years old but recently had a new hard drive installed. I was told that since it was out of warranty, the Microsoft certificate needed to be updated and the drivers were not updatez because of the warranty. He did spent a lot of time and remotely worked on making sure both Canon printers were working on my desktop and laptop. I asked if he was from Canon and he said said yes. There was a charge to update the Microsoft Certificate and the email they sent was from Geekz Online Care. Afterwards, I became concerned about how they knew to call me and if this was really affiliated with Canon. I'm thinking I should stop payment  on my credit card. Please advise.




I'm sorry, but you were scammed.  You got called because you provided your phone number to a scammer or criminals posing as a support.

We hear about this all the time. The only way to receive support from Canon is through their official support portal.

Canon Support | Canon U.S.A., Inc.

You will be asked to register your product.  Once done, you can view your support options.  I suggest you contact your financial institution and request a new card.  The one you have is now compromised. Geekz Online Care  is not Canon.  If you allowed an unknown entity to remotely connect to your computer(s), this too might mean they have been compromised as well.  Scammers are always looking for easy targets.  Please take necessary steps to safeguard your identity, personal and financial information.  Its your responsibility to know who you are communicating with.

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Thank you!

Thanks for joining the conversation, Jejd!  Rick's right in that what you described doesn't match Canon USA's approach to support at all.  Make sure your printer is registered at the link Rick provided and you'll get access to all of your official support options including our 800 number.  It's easy to remember as it's 1-800-OK-CANON (1-800-652-2666), though we still ask that you register your gear before calling.

Hope this helps!

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