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Pricing in the time of coronavirus


With various manufacturers planning to release new camera models in the near future, or having released them over the past 6 months, I will be interested to see how many companies are forward-thinking enough to recognize that these are not normal times and that their usual high prices might keep enthusiasts or pros from making the financial leap at this time. Many are facing unemployment or economic uncertainty, and everyone is severely limited in where we can go, either through state/city mandates or common sense.


I don't expect fire sales on any new releases. But if there was ever a time to cut prices, now is the time. Don't get me wrong, I don't believe for a second that they will do it.  I think camera companies are set in their ways pricewise and simply can't recognize that this is a time where many will choose to forgo what is often a hobby-based luxury or unncessary purchase. 


Do you think the companies will be proactive and willing to sell their cameras and gear at lower prices during this time? I don't. I think they will choose to embrace financial calamity, even if it is temporary, rather than take action. 



Following up on my own post, as of today I have seen no movement in pricing from popular models I've looked at from Canon, Sony, and Nikon. I have looked at everyting from the 6D2 to the Sony A73/A7R4, to the Nikon Z6/Z7, and several others from the manufacturers mentioned. I checked the OEM sites, B&H and Adorama. And despite an economy that has cratered, millions of people out of work, many more delaying the purchase of hobby gear, the major manufacturers haven't budged a dime off of their prices in any attempt to generate sales. I do not believe and have seen no evidence of a spike in sales that have kept the prices where they are. Do these companies have any interest in trying to do something to spur sales of their products in a dead economy?  

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