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Greetings all,


                         I looking for some input. I am not a pro photographer by any means. 99% of my shooting is centered around my kids and their high school. I shoot everything from sports to dances and everything inbetween. I literally shoot 10's of thousands of photos each year. I have been a loyal photobucket pro customer for years. I make all photos I take available to the kids through the photobucket. I understand the need to revamp and upgrade and roll with what is popular. I am very dissatisfied with the new changes Photobucket is making. In the past they made things very easy for me and the people I serve to get photos out there and available to those people. The new changes are simply not working for me. My question to you all is.....What else is out there...what site do you like and use for photo sharing/storage. I am interested in simple things. Is the upload process quick and easy. Is it easy for people to access and copy photos from. Is there unlimited storage options reasonably priced. Can I track  what people are looking at etc. What do you like about the service you are using.


                                                                  Thanks in advance for your input



It doesn't have hit counts anymore (not happy with that change either) but Picasa Web Albums has proven to meet my needs WAY better than Photobucket. Better yet you can upload web sized or full file photos plus make them public or private or semi private. I think you get the first gig of storage free & it's $5.00 per year to expand that to 20 gigs, which I feel is fair & i have 2 different album sets where I pay the fee & one that I'll keep under the radar by replacing old albums with newer ones. Picasa is also a very good free editing program & VERY easy to automate for uploads. Just Google Picasa for the download site & more info. In the meantime this is the link to one of my paid for sites.


Which is made available to all the local clubs so they can relive each event as quickly as I can edit the photos.



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I also use picasa for sharing sports pictures with the team members and parents.  I find it is very fast downloading pictures into Picasa and faster than Shutterfly downloading to the share site.  I have never used Photobucket but I have yet to bump up against limits with Picasa and am upwards of 10,000 images.