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Order Pending Fraud Check


I ordered a Canon EOS R Kit and status is PENDING_FRAUD_CHECK_ORDER. WTF? Why do I get this status? What is wrong with my order? It is already paid by credit card.



We can totally understand your concern!  To ensure the safety of our customers, their identity, and their data, select orders may be subject to an extra round of verification.  If there are no problems found, such as names and billing addresses that don't match up, then everything will probably be just fine and the order will finish processing.  Thanks for your understanding!

Thanks for this really quick answer. Can I do anything to speed up the process? For example call Canon tomorrow? Maybe an "ß" in my address is the issue as on my credit card the "ß" is an "ss". Its a German letter that is not accepted everywhere and automatically transformed into "ss". 

That's entirely possible.  You're always welcome to call our sales team at 1-800-385-2155 and they'll be happy to give you the latest information we have available.  They're available weekdays and Saturdays.

Glad we could help!