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New to purchasing from Canon? Help?


I'm trying to buy a refurbished canon t5i from the website but im not sure if i did things right or not. i tried  purchasing through paypal w/ a vanilla visa gift card i bought for 400 dollars. on paypal it says the order was placed under 'pending'. i clicked on it and it says "Your payment method will be charged when Canon U.S.A., Inc. completes your order". And I made a mistake and apparently ordered it three time because I was unsure of it going through or not because on the canon website, the camera still seems to be in my cart and theres no 'order history' so im confused. help?



Hi, tumblr!


Thanks for ordering from Canon USA.  It's common for a small amount to be charged to a customer's card before the purchase is completed.  This allows us to make sure the card works, and it may occasionally require multiple attempts.  When we're ready to complete the order, the remainder of the purchase price is charged to the card.


If you have any questions on your order's status, you can check it out via the Canon Online Store or by calling us at 1-800-385-2155.  We're open 7 days a week from 8 AM to midnight ET (5 AM to 9 PM PT).  Whichever you use, please have your order number ready.


We hope this helps!

Thanks. How long does it take to complete an order though? The first time I ordered it was on the 2nd. I was hoping to get it here by the 16th but I guess that won't happen?

Order fulfillment takes place primarily on weekdays.  Your order will most likely be completed and shipped tomorrow (Monday).  You're on track to get it well before the 16th.


Thanks for choosing Canon!

Thank you for the quick replies! I was concerned 

I want to call but they'll probably ask for an order number. where can i find that? i would thing it was in 'my orders' section but there's still nothing there

If there is no statement from your email account from ebay, there was no placed order.

ebay statement sent will show your order and has an option to cancel the order before shipping.


About canon T5i, used is good for practice, and know the functions, bulky for small hand, and enough for huge man.

How did Ebay find its way into this thread?

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA

confused? ebay and paypal are same company, erase ebay.

instead of mentioning ebay, it is paypal, same method described.

@newsense52 wrote:

confused? ebay and paypal are same company, erase ebay.

instead of mentioning ebay, it is paypal, same method described.

Interesting. I even suspected that that might be the case. But I went to the PayPal site and could find no mention of Ebay. So yeah, I was confused.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania USA
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