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New site not working?


I can NEVER get the USA shop link to open on my iPhone in Safari. I end up having to go through social media and having the link directed into safari. Now today I try to do it that way and the store site has been updated and looks totally different. When I log in it says my account isn’t associated with that store but after I click around I can get into my profile but when I go to find my orders it seems to be logged back out and says to use another account.

anyone else having this problem? I preordered a lens on here and adorama to see which was the fastest and got a charge already even tho the date on the item says it won’t be in stock until the 23rd so I didn’t think about checking either store 5 days early. Now of course I need to cancel my order with canon so I don’t get the lens from both stores but I can’t use the store site to do anything useful. 



Still happening to me too. I tried to get to the store today, and faced the same error message as you all did. I ended up having to put my order in via phone. I spoke with two reps, one from sales, and one with CPS support, and both tried to help, but nothing worked. Last thing I tried was a password reset, and unblocked pop-ups too. Tried four different browsers and two different computers. Still kicking me out when I attempt to go to the store. 

If I do somehow get to my account profile, I can look at my profile info, address book, view my registered products. When I try to shop, it kicks me out with the "account is not associated with this store" error again.

Yep anyone online just says to call but like you said even over the phone nothing works. So they won’t be getting anything else bought from me me. If the website can’t be fixed not gonna put a $2000-3000 product for them to just says do this do that and never get anything fixed

mine finally started working just this week BUT all of my carepak and registrations are just missing.

For help with your Canon CarePAK Plus service plans, please give our Customer Care Center a call at 1-833-CAREPAK (1-833-227-3725).



Canon is the only one who can fix this for you.  No one here can reproduce the issue.  I recommend you continue to work with customer service.   

Bay Area - CA

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they were less than helpful. just told me the list of things to do which I had already done. and they even tried to replicate the problem. but what do ya know for the first time it finally is back to letting me stay logged in and I did nothing. Now if only it had mroe than just all my previous orders. my registration and carepak information is MIA 😞

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