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New Canon User


I am in the process to move from Nikon to Canon, Im feeling pretty lost... any suggetions for lenses or flash?


Thank you, 



Hi Sarah.
Welcome to Canon and to the forum.
What is your budget? Are you buying a crop sensor body like Rebel, 60d, 7d? Or are you buying a full frame body? What kind of photography do you do?
Sorry so brief I am typing on my phone.

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@SarahBuss wrote:

I am in the process to move from Nikon to Canon, Im feeling pretty lost... any suggetions for lenses or flash?

why not duplicate the equipment you already have for the nikon?


being more question specific,

you would need 2 lenses for a non-full frame camera: a 10-22 and a 100-300 (if you buy the kit with the 18-55)
this will give you the equivalent focal length range of 16-480 on a full-frame camera.


i would recommend 2 lenses for a full-frame: 17-40 (on the low $ end) and a 100-400 (on the high $ end). these lenses should cover any photography you want to do.


as far as flash, the 430ex II would be a good choice.


inexpensive (you can buy 2 for what the 600 ex-rt costs), they can be used as slave units and with 2 or more you would have a portable, light-weight "studio/location" flash sysyem. all you would need then would be light stands (from $33), hot shoe adapters to attach them to the stands and a case to carry the stands in. it is possible to buy a set of light stands (2 or 3) that come with a case.


so there you have it. what do you think?


cheers from l.a.

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I'm going to guess that you were a Nikon crop user. With that assumption and since you've got to sell all your gear anyway, I would definitely switch to a FF body. If budget is tight, start with the 6D kit with the 24-105. If you are more experienced and have a little more budget, get the 5D mk III with the same lens.

Something you might find very appealing is Canon's radio controlled flash system. Look into the 600EX-RT, and ST-E3-RT.

You must check out Canon's brilliantly sharp 70-200L zooms. Overall I think you will be wowed with Canon glass and glad you made the move. Of course I am a little bias.

More info would be helpful. Good luck


I think we need to know a bit about why you think you should switch & what gear you're already using & whether your lenses aren't meeting your needs because there aren't Nikon equivalents to some Canon lenses. My 3 most used lenses (all Canon brand) do not have counterparts in a Nikon mount whether from Nikon or 3rd party manufacturers. 

I aslo think you'll get better advise if you list your interests & whether you plan to use the camera the simple way (Auto or Program) vs the old school modes & whether you'll need an AF system capable of shooting fast paced action or sports etc.

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