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Looking to Upgrade and Need Advice


Hi there! I am currently using a Rebel T6i and the kit lens and I really need an upgrade. I got the camera for my first year of photojournalism classes in college and then was provided an 80D to use in the upper level classes with a wide variety of glass. Since graduating, I have had to return the 80D to my school and am now using my T6i with the kit lens. The stark difference between the quality of work I was able to produce with the 80D vs my T6 is getting to be extremely annoying to me. I'm looking to upgrade with a new body and well-rounded lens to start off with. I'm open to any and all suggestions or advice on how to determine what I should buy next. I would prefer to stay away from any mirrorless cameras, but I am looking for something a little quieter than what I have because I cover meetings for work and I don't like my camera drawing attention while people are trying to speak. I work for a newspaper so I'll be shooting a little bit of everything, but on my personal time, I enjoy shooting portraits and nature/animals. Any advice is welcome and if there are any clarifying questions I can answer, I'd be happy to!



If your primary use case is photojournalism, then you should consider a mirrorless camera for one reason alone.  Absolutely silent shooting.  More and more venues will not let you in if you cannot shoot silently.


I believe the EOS RP has silent shooting, and it is on clearance sale by Canon.  I suggest that you give it a look at B&H.  Add a second battery, too.

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The one thing that is critical, and few people volunteer, is what the budget is. That is important, as you have to consider the cost of the body and lenses.  If funds are limited, then I would suggest going for lenses.  The camera you have may not be a top end pro unit, but it is still capable.  I would suggest you will get the best ROI from lenses and consider a body if the funds permit.


Frankly, there is no point in us suggesting getting high-end glass that will cost a fortune if you don't have the funds for it.


Arguably, you are likely to spend more money on the glass and your investment will last longer.  It would be interesting to know what lenses you used predominently from when you had access to educational equipment.


I would be interested to know what size your images need to be in your journalistic work and what focal lengths you gravitated to. For example, do you see yourself requiring large, high resolution prints, or will the majority of your work fit within books, magazines, papers and on-line forms of publication?


cheers, TREVOR

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This is pretty easy to resolve.  If you love the 80D and want to stick with that format the 90D and the EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM Lens is your choice.  Notice, that is not the kit lens. Buy the body only and the lens separately. Make no mistake this is a very fine combo. You could spend more but unlikely to get better.


However, the writing is on the wall. DSLR is dying a slow death and the trend is towards mirrorless. The above combo will always be as good as it is no matter what mirrorless does. If it does it for you today it will do it for a very long time to come.


I have had to deal with camera clicks for many years.  Timing can be a big thing.  You don't take a shot in the middle of a prayer for instance but in louder passages it seems to not be a big factor.  Just learn your environment and the conditions.  In other words learn to work with it not against it. That's what makes a good photographer good!

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I just upgraded from EOS 80D after two years of use to the EOS R6.  I wanted full frame and mirrorless.  Sure, it's expensive but I wanted my new camera (with L series lens) to serve my needs for quite some time.  DSLR's over time will give way to mirrorless.  I enjoyed the 80D, a fine intermediare level camera.  I am ready for the next level.  R6 should take me there.

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