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Is this email legit or spam?


I got this email this morning saying he is from canon 

Email address kinda seem spam see -canon.jayde [at] kakao [dot] com


Dear Author!


I am an official representative of Canon. We are always looking for partners, and we are interested in your channel. In 2023, we are planning to launch a new product line, and we would like to invite you to be part of our advertising campaign and promote our upcoming product.



To proceed further, we kindly request you to carefully review the following terms and conditions:


 1)Upon acceptance, we will send you a PDF file containing a non-disclosure agreement and grant you access to a private library showcasing our exclusive new collection.

 2)Your task will be to create a promotional video showcasing our product. You have the freedom to create the video in your preferred language. However, please be aware that the content in the library is under embargo.

 3)The promotional video should be embedded on your YouTube channel.



All emails from Canon USA will end in

Canon USA does not partner with anyone outside the United States for various legal reasons.

This email (and others like it) is going around various Social Media platforms. None of these emails are real.

Canon USA marketing will not normally "cold" contact individuals for a partnership/sponsorship. 

The from email address can be easily spoofed. There is no protection for that in basic email. Therefore even "" is not reliably an indicator. Unless that's the exact reply address domain.

Other than the reply email domain name (which clearly here is spam/phishing), other giveaway is if you hover over any links to see where that will go to. Also even if Canon is in the host name, I would not click it as mentioned. Could be variation on that (checking certificate is an option but better to not even check).


The part after the @ tells us that it's a spam.

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You'd be surprised how many people on Instagram and Facebook ask me about fake emails like this! 🤷‍


Indeed.  This is a recycled post.  The same question was asked about a week ago.  Same question, same email address, different user.  Notice the OP or bot only has one post too.  I mentioned the "reply to" address as well.  That's when I realized this was bogus.     

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It's coming in a lot on Instagram and Facebook. It's an actual scam, so I'm leaving this post up to let folks know that. The OP isn't fake; they're asking a real question. 


Yes, I received an email from info.canonxdjiglobal.collab @  It sounded kinda fishy so I figured I'd ask here.

[Email address edited so that your browser won't treat it as an active address.]

Rising Star
Rising Star

I got the same email and I know I am not good enough to be involved with a program like that so it is a scam.

This is the one making the current rounds. 😞
It does not have anything to do with Canon. 

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