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Images scanned with LiDE 100 scanner suddenly changed color and quality


Hi, I've having an issue that I cannot seem to fix and explain.


I have a Windows XP machine and a Windows 7 machine, both using the same drivers and version of MP Navigator. Both have exactly the same settings inside MP Navigator, as I use the scanner driver function with 600dpi and all corrections set to off.


I used to scan with both machines and the result was (understandably) the same. But then I formatted the Windows 7 machine, and now even though I set up everything like before, when I scan an image:

-- the size is much lower, from 6mb to 1.5mb for the same image (compared to the same scan done in Windows XP)

-- the quality is worse, I scan a CD with the cover closed, and before, the background was bright white, now it's grey and the whole scan has a grey halo/fog.


The crazy thing is that now, even scanning with the Windows XP machines gives out larger images (as before), but with the worse quality/grey fog.


Why is this happening? I can post 2 examples so you can see the difference in quality.



many thanks





If you have sample images that illustrate the problem, feel free to include them in a post.  Just click the "Insert/edit image" button at the top of the text box to add images and we're sure they'll help the community better diagnose your scanner's problem.