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ISO software for cleaning up scans from my printer/scanner


I'm looking for a cheap or free Windows 7 compatible application for cleaming up scans of printed material, splicing together sections of large pages, etc. Can anyone make a recommendation?


I'm looking for something that


  • Loads fast
  • Is easy to learn
  • Can scan images and perform all of the basic image processing operations: adjust brightness, contrast, and color balance, crop, change resolution and color depth, etc.
  • Can erase the contents of a selected area.
  • Can change canvas size.
  • Can paste one image into another and move it around to achieve a precise "splice."
  • Can do flood fills (to change the background of a gray scale scan from light gray to white).

I used to use Paintshop Pro for this, but my trusty old copy won't run under Windows 7. I purchased a current copy and found that it's no longer remotely suited to my needs. It's huge and complex -- essentially an imitation of Photoshop. It's as if I had to replace my old pickup truck and found that the current product of the same make and model had been transformed into a tractor-trailer rig. I need to find something more appropriate.