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I need help about shooting mode?????


What is the photographer's choice of a shooting mode in a situation described:

Indoor flash photography, lighted room, 20 mp camera, for portrait photo and why .

Auto mode is good outdoor but I dont like indoor, give your views.

Help asap????




That is not really not much to go on.  “Indoor lighted room” can mean a wide range of things.  


I would say use whatever shooting mode you are most comfortable with using.  The Creative modes are, of course, more flexible and allow for greater creativity.  Manual mode offers the greatest flexibility.  Many people are [not] comfortable with Manual mode.

But, I think what type of lighting you have, and what type(s) of flash you have available, is far more important than what shooting mode to use.  

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For portraits I tend to use Av mode ... this is more effective at controlling the depth of field.  


If use use Av mode with flash, the camera will tend to meter for ambient light and use the flash as "fill".  There's a camera setting for this (flash sync speed in Av mode).   I set mine to 1/60th - 1/200th choice which means it must use a shutter speed of at least 1/60th sec.  If you use the factory default (full auto) then it can use slower shutter speeds (and will if the ambient lighting in the room is poor ... even if you use flash ... beause it treats the flash as "fill" and will set an exposure based on ambient light.)



Tim Campbell
5D III, 5D IV, 60Da


Indoor with flashes?  The best way is to set the camera to M, set the desired Av and Tv then dial in the ISO that will result in 1 stop underexposure.  You can get away with 2 stops underexposed if need be.  Now turn the flash on, set it to TTL and shoot away. 


If you shoot jpeg, set white balance so that the shots don't look too yellow.  I always shoot RAW and use AWB and adjust the colors in post.

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I second the above answer. Smiley Happy

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