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How to set camera to 150dpi or send 150dpi

  • am entering a contest and they say the pictures need saved jpeg 150dpi. How is this done?


@Kimmers76 wrote:
  • am entering a contest and they say the pictures need saved jpeg 150dpi. How is this done?

If you are using the Canon DPP software, then you may change DPI in the save image dialog.

The people making the contest rules might be confused. The 150dpi only makes sense if one knows what size paper it will be printed on or knows the size of the screen it will be viewed on. I might guess that what they really wanted was an image that is at least 1800x1200 pixels which would be 12 inches by 8 inches at 150dpi,  or maybe some other arbitrary size.

Since the dpi number is only a comment about how the image is meant to be viewed, it may be changed to any arbitrary value. The exiftool free software is able to do this without making other changes to the image.

Display the numbers:

exiftool -s -G0:2  -XResolution -YResolution -ResolutionUnit 8794-green.jpeg
[JFIF:Image]    XResolution                     : 300
[JFIF:Image]    YResolution                     : 300
[JFIF:Image]    ResolutionUnit                  : inches

Change the numbers and show the result:

exiftool -s -G0:2  -XResolution=150 -YResolution=150 -ResolutionUnit=inches 8794-green.jpeg
    1 image files updated
exiftool -s -G0:2  -XResolution -YResolution -ResolutionUnit 8794-green.jpeg               
[EXIF:Image]    XResolution                     : 150
[EXIF:Image]    YResolution                     : 150
[EXIF:Image]    ResolutionUnit                  : inches




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