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How do you get Canon Customer Service to respond to a request for service? 7 contacts - 0 reponse.


I am trying to make contact with Canon Customer Service to facilitate a repair of 10x30 IS binoculars - I have now contacted them via e-mail SEVEN TIMES (over the past year), and NOT ONE RESPONSE.  Is there a special method (i.e. only during the full moon, pretend to be a pretty girl, say "Pretty Please", or let them know that the next step is to contact every outdoor magazine and internet forum on Earth??) to get them to respond?  I would like to find out an address and procedure for getting these repaired.


Hello?  Bueller?  Anybody?  Anybody?


Sheesh.  I own other Canon products (including 4 cameras).  I have recommended these to friends and family.  Pretty hard to recommend anything Canon after all this ignoring.


OK... pretty please?


Captain Jim B.


This potential customer is following this thread closely.


CaptainJimB, Are you getting any satisfaction from Customer Service yet?

@LostPetral wrote:

CaptainJimB, Are you getting any satisfaction from Customer Service yet?

No contact from them since Tuesday morning, when they responded to my e-mail, stating that the repair would finally get going.  Checking the status on the repair site currently says they are still "examining the item"... no mention that they are actually working on it.


No explanation.  Seriously, I don't know what it takes to get this situation resolved??  Satisfaction??  I'm doing all I can to hold my tongue.  Customer Service responds when I write (they have not returned calls), but I don't think they have any influence in actually getting the repair done.


Captain Jim

As of the evening of February 4th, there had been no change in the status: the binoculars were still "being inspected."  I did send another e-mail to Customer Service to see if they were aware of any changes or if perhaps they had information on what this delay was due to, since it had been a week.


This afternoon (February 5th), I received an e-mail from Raymond in Customer Service, letting me know that the status had changed to...


"The quality inspection of product functions has been completed and your product will be ready for delivery shortly."


In that e-mail, he related that repair/service had been waiting for parts, first mention of that.


Good news.  I will post once more when the binoculars are delivered, in order to bring a close to this thread.


Captain Jim

This is a done deal (Feb 7th) - the binoculars arrived this afternoon.  They look, feel, and perform like new.  No complaint with the end result, just all the run-around it took to get there.  Raymond in Customer Contact Service went out of his way, but I don't feel he got much cooperation from service/repair.  The work is good, the communication and customer service was a definite turn-off.


I am relieved to be done dealing with this.  My last post regarding this situation.  Thank you, Raymond.


Captain Jim

How much did you end up paying for the repair of this manufacturing or materials-selection defect (that has also been reported by others)? How well has the new coating stood up in the last year?


I too own these binoculars and their body coating also has become very sticky, and sometimes my hands get black spots when I use the binoculars. I don’t recall when they started getting sticky, but it was approximately a couple years after I purchased them. I’ve wondered how hard it would be to just remove the all the black coating as it is already gone in some areas. I don’t fancy paying $150 to have Canon fix a product defect, if that’s what you ended up paying, or go through the hassle you described.


I can report that unlike some other customers on this forum, the image stabilization on mine continues to work flawlessly.  However, the strap on the handsome Canon case supplied with the binoculars came loose very quickly after I began using it.


I encourage comments from others who have had the body coating problem and how they have dealt with it.

Thank you for all your information and sorry you had so much trouble. I have the 10x20 is and when it timed out i wasn't done using them so I pushed the on button and herd a clunk and they quit working. I paid $549 for them and they lasted less than 90 days not looking forward to trying to get help with this problem. I can tell you this I won't ever buy another Canon product.


You have ressurected a thread from 2013, and one that hasn't t had a reply for 7 years.  A Canon product has to be registered in order to receive technical support or repair.

If you don't have a My Canon account, start there:

Sign In - MyCanon

Once your product is registered, you can initiate a Repair Request.  

Canon U.S.A., Inc. | Service Request


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I have done just that I put in the product line Canon 10x20 is and I get a message no results found. So how do you register something canon site can't find

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