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Great weekend!


Got a commission for a magazine article and photos. This past weekend was a blast plus a learning experience. I had to think (scary, isn't it?) to consider what would be needed for good photos. Some were outside in sun and shade. Others were inside under fluorscent lighting. Took photos with different settings to set things in my mind. I know that what is on the screen is different than what would be on my laptop. One amateur blunder was taking photos with the sun coming in a closed miniblind behind the speaker. I was able to get off to one side and take a few but support posts in the building rather limited my positions. HIndsight- ask for some type of covering over the double doors.I was asked by the speaker to take a photo of the group. I started but asked then to shift 90 degrees under the porch as I would be shooting into the sun.

I was flattered by one lady who got an award along with her husband. She asked to email photos of the award presentation. The state coordinator also asked for photos of the event. I'll be sending a disk to him with a bunch of photos. BTW, took 157 photos for Friday evening and all day Saturday! Some good, some not so good. I'm learning.

No, I don't get paid for any of it but the experience is worth a million dollars. My T7 is much different than my P&S so I'm going to make a check list and laminate it. Should counteract any oversight on my part.

**Shot photos with the 18-55mm lens as photos didn't warrant the 75-300mm lens. Settings were P and AV. As mentioned, I like to experiment and "file" the info for future use.

As always, your suggestions and critique are most appreciated!

Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG


Great experience. Sounds like you had fun.


Just remember.  At whatever level that you set your minimum price, all future customers will want that same price point.

"The right mouse button is your friend."

This was for the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency's annual workshop. I didn't intend on charging for the photos. Many of the hunter education instructors are friends from way back. One advantage of the weekend is I spent a good part of the day with PSE 2021.One photo was in the shade and was blue! I tweaked it and the wood building came to life!

I would like to get to the point where I can sell photos. My wife and I attended a juried show in Blue Ridge, GA a few weeks ago. Interesting to see the various photos, subjects, etc.


Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG


"... your suggestions and critique are most appreciated!"


I always tell, or I mean I used to tell, new students one thing.  Don't over think it but don't under estimate it either. Sometimes the camera is smarter then you think and P mode works as well as anything. A snapshot is just a snapshot which is what it sounds like you were doing.


Keep shooting!

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

I have an ancient Kodak Brownie camera. I guess that was the original point and shoot. I took photos of my granddaughter's cross country meets this week. I pretty much guesstimated AV settings. Photos came great. Took some with the Sports setting for sequence shots. Got some with both feet off the ground. Family is tickled to have a "professional" photographer. Yes, the camera is a lot smarter than me.  

Canon EOS T7; EF-S 18-55mm IS; EF 28-135mm IS; EF 75-300mm; Sigma 150-600mm DG
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