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Forum Suggestion


Hi Monica & Canon Crew-


 I know we are still getting started, but Ive been thinking about how we can make this forum as awesome as possible, and this is something you probably already know, but ultimately, I think you will get the most traffic when there are individual boards for each and every specific product you have. "Camera" or "Printers" for example is a little too general. I think each customer will want to be able to go to the specific board for their specific gear. If there are Canon specialists/engineers, plus pros who are familiar on board with that specific piece of equipment, then it should become the premeire place to get answers. 


Just my 2 cents!

Best wishes





I had the EXACT same first thought upon visiting these forums! Also, a sub-forum for accessories, maybe (e.g. Speedlites/transmitters/remotes/intervalometers/etc).

Rising Star

Also, maybe some filtering of usernames.  e.g. This one might look official and cause problems for less-discerning users:

Agree with all the above.


I completely agree. But, I do understand having the forum configured as it currently is. If there were many different areas to begin with, it would feel very empty and many new users would probably lose interest quickly. It is all about perseption with a new community! 😃

True kevinb, it could turn a few people off to see empty sub-forums. However one other Canon forum I visit currently has close to 2000 users active at any moment. That forum also had humble beginnings 🙂 If you don't get things organized at the start it can become a jumbled mess that is hard to extract anything of value from.

We have sub-forums!  Thanks moderators and admins!

(Where did some of you go? The new sub-forums need more interesting discussion!)

I agree that the forum really needs sub categories.  In addition to the ideas already mentioned a completely separate section on Speedlights would be helpful with sub-categories like "General talk about Speedlites" and "Off-camera flash".


Great suggestion and I'm sure it will come to be.


My first thought on entering was that it felt like a warehouse. Everything was in one place, which made it hard to find specific topics. I bet it will start to section off to be easier to find specific subjects soon. Smiley Very Happy