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Does the Canon iMAGE Gateway work for anyone?


Does the Canon iMAGE Gateway work for anyone? or is it just mine. Registered my product, cant login, cant find suppot anywhere lol.



Hi Mizer805!


If you're experiencing problems while trying to log in, it sounds like you'd best benefit from contacting our Technical Support group.  They'll be able to check the status of ImageGateway and also check to see if there's any problems logging in.


You can reach our support staff through our Contact Us link.  We're confident they can help you out.


Hope this helps!



Thanks Naomi, will do.

I have contacted tech support several times and image gateway has been unavailable to me since I registered several weeks ago (January 28 iirc) Same issue, can't log in even though I created an account. Tech support gave up on me I think. They created a "trouble ticket" and forwarded it to a black hole department. No reply and emails have gone unanswered since.
I suppose I could keep calling but I've already spent too much time trying to get it resolved.

See my post in the other general discussions. My image gateway issue has finally and mysteriously been resolved.

It's madness. I have the same problem. I get a message that I am not a valid user and that my email is not valid, even though CANON SENT A CONFIRMATION EMAIL TO THE SAME EMAIL ADDRESS UNDER WHICH I REGISTERED!
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