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CanoscanLIDE 100 - not working in all ports


hi there - it seems my scanner is only working through one usb port of my computer although the usb ports works fine with other devices.


I've got a mac/el capitan but I've downloaded some new twain drivers to make it work   - since Canon doesn't provide a driver for el capitan - and that is going fine.


What I don't understand is why its not working in all my ports ( as it says there is no power or connection)  and is that a common issue and is there a way to fix that?


Thank you! 





You are asking us to troubleshoot your MAC, not your scanner, which you have said is working on at least one port. 


The scanner itself is not officially supported after OSX Yosemite. 


What would I do?


Use time machine and make a full disk image back up of my MAC.  Perform an internet based recovery and reinstall my OS.


Do not install any software or make other customizations.  Test connection of the Scanner in other ports.


If it works, something with your OS or installed software might be affecting connectivity.


If it doesn't, it might not be fully compatible with your hardware.


Then decision time:


Find a new scanner and restore your MAC to its previous state


Determine if something else is resonsible for the connectivity issues


Get a new MAC? (which wil likely assure needing a new scanner)


or, live with the issue.

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Product Expert
Product Expert

Hi Canoscano,


The scanner is not officially supported in El Capitan, but you can try the drivers for Yosemite. We can't guarantee that all the functions will work properly, but it will usually work. If the scanner works properly in one port but not the others, it will usally be the amount of power the other ports supply.


The LiDE portable scanner will use the USB port to transfer data and as the main power source. If the other ports are not working, it will usually mean they are not providing enough power to run the scanner.


To resolve the issue, you can try a full shut down on your Mac with nothing plugged into the new port that you want to use the scanner with. Once the Mac is on, you can try plugging the scanner into the USB port to see if it works. If the other port still does not work, I would suggest checking with Apple to see if there are any issues with the power coming from the ports.

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