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Canon dSLR Wish List?


Ive really grown to love many of the new Canon innovations over the last 3-4 years. Looking forward, what are some of the features you would like to see most in upcoming Canon dSLR cameras?


Here are mine, I know they may seem outrageous, but seriously..why not?


- Touch Screen on all dSLRs from here on out, with deactivation option in Menu (Seriously, this is a fantastic feature)

- RAW Video Format (It would be a game changer)

- Variable Framerate Video Format (120fps) - Another game changer. 

- Higher Speed JPG burst for lower size still images (for example, 30fps for 1080x1920 size images for 10-20 seconds)


Just my 2 cents. What do you guys think?




Here is another product design wish for dslrs:  I have a Kamerar view finder loupe that magnectically attaches via the accomianing tripod baseplate that has the magnet and slot - I love using a view finder (stills and video) - I had a hoodman before and it didn't easily attach, deattach easily therefore wasn't so useful.


It would be awesome if Canon would impliment within the design of the dslr an easy way to attach and unattach a view finder loupe.  Honestly I think Kamerar's design is perfect just redesign the back of the dslr to incorporate the magnetic connection without having to put the baseplate on.