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Canon EOS and FD lense adaptors needed for Bowens Illumitran-3


I recently purchased a Bowens Illumitran-3 slide and print duplicator only to find out the Bellows did not have adaptors for Canon cameras. It came with an Olympus body adaptor.


Does anyone know were I might purchase adaptors so I can use either my EOS digital EF lenses and bodies  and/or A1, AE1 or F-1 FD lenses and bodies?





Assuming it's an Olympus OM bayonet mount on the slide duplicator now, you can simply get an Oly OM (lens) to Canon EOS mount (camera) adapter from eBay. You'll find cheaper ones without a "chip" and more expensive with a "chip". The only advantage of the chipped adapter is that it allows Focus Confirmation to work. You still will need to control aperture manually on the lens and the EXIF won't register correctly (some of the chips are supposed to be programmable to show certain common lens focal lengths and max apertures, but that won't apply to a slide dublicator). With this type of adapter your camera can be used in manual exposure mode (stop down metering method if you use the built-in meter) or in Av... not in P or Tv exposure modes.


Here's a link to an example of a "chipped" adapter


I don't know if there's a similar adapter for Oly OM to Canon FD.



Thank You !  I viewed the link to E-bay and will find the adaptors I need.   Good Information    Dave(Canon-Boomer)

I would stay away from the chipped adapters, they are more expensive and will not even operate on all digital bodies even in manusl mode, Ie. one chipped for a 60D will lock the camera up on a T2i.

I would avoid adapters all together.  It is unfortunate you got one that doesn't work but adapters are a last resort fix.  Chipped or otherwise, IMHO, as always.

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and less lenses then before!

Unfortunately when i posted my previous reply, only one of the 3 or 4 sentences got posted, the other 2 or 3 are somewhere out there in cyberspace. If I remember correctly that I went on to say the focus confirmation isn't necessary or even accurate in macro mode. The adapters are a necessary evil because Bowens is not supporting the Illumitran with parts or accessories. Another thing is to avoid adapters that have a lens included to maintain infinity focus, these are unessary for macro work and have a detrimental effect on optical quality. I can remember removing the lens and drilling out a MD - EOS adapter to use my EOS on a nice Minolta bellows, these adapters are now available with or without glass, half price without the glass. Another thing I mentioned would getting a Leica thread to whatever mount you have adapter to allowing quality enlarging lenses (Componons, El Nikkors, and Rodogon can be had on Ebay for a song) and perform better than a normal lens even reversed, and as well or better than a macro lens. Note the(Mine is loder) 60mm Componon that Bowens specified for copying 6X6 slides is a 25mm diameter mount and would require some more adptation. As long as I gotten so long winded, I was concerned as to what the trigger voltage of the Bownes flash might be so I hooked as Nissin slave to the Bowens PC Cord, and popping up the EOS pop up flash and shielding it from the slide stage, it fires the Bowens flash with no possibility of damaging the camera body.


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