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Canon Customer Service is Poor


I can not believe how unhelpful Canon customer service is.  I want to join the CPS program at the gold level.  I have all my gear registered onine in my account and I have enough points to join at gold.  When I went online to join, the website was down due to the hacking.  It has been several days now and I still need to join CPS so that I can have my lens repaired.  When I called Canon, they told me that they will not register me for CPS or accept payment for it over the phone.  I simply have to wait for the website to come back up.  They understand that my lens needs to be repaired and they understand that I need it repaired soon but they will not do anything for me over the phone because I need to accept the "Termas and Conditions" of the CPS program online.  How difficult is it for them to have the customer accept these terms via a PDF through emai?  Why are they just sticking to the one and only way they do things even while the customer is being inconvenienced and we have no way of doing these things?  I'm not asking for them to give me anything for free.  I'm just trying to join the CPS program so that I can get my lens repaired.  Shouldn't a major company like Canon go the extra mile to help out the customer when what is happening is not our fault?  I'm very disappointed in Canon and their lack of trying to help other than telling me to "just wait for the website to come back up". 



Set up a normal service request. Smiley Frustrated

EOS 1DX and 1D Mk IV and several lenses!
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