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CanoScan 9950F - 64-bit Mac Driver Please


My 9950F scanner is still running strong but the native drivers for Mac are only 32-bit. I am looking to upgrade to Mac OS 10.15 soon and will need a 64-bit driver. I have been using Hammrick’s VueScan but it still relies on the factory drivers. Any possibility an updated driver for this scanner is on the horizon? I don't use my scanner nearly as much as I used to, but I still like having one around. Especially one like this with a big transparency adapter. This is probably the best scanner I have had and hate to let it go.


Product Expert
Product Expert



Supported drivers for this scanner are only available for Windows 7 and earlier or Mac OSX v10.6.8 and earlier.  To ensure uptime of the scanner, please use a computer that is running a compatible version of Windows or Mac OSX.



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Too bad, this is a good piece of equipement and you don't really make a good substitute.