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SD Card surprise

Over the years I have accumulated a lot of old SD cards, today I decided to have a sort out of the ones I was never going to use.  I was running them through a card speedtest program when I found one that wouldn't even show up on the PC and seemed to be completely dead. Before I put it in the bin I decided to take it apart (I tend to do things like that !) and was very surprised at what I found.


This was a normal looking cheapie full sized SD card.




Inside was a micro SD card, this was not an adaptor, the micro SD was sealed inside and not even soldered in position.




Just out of interest I put the micro SD into a card reader and it worked so it was all down to poor connections inside the larger case.


I wonder how many of the fake re-labelled cards are built in this way.


This what a proper full sized SD card looks like inside.



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Re: SD Card surprise

Nice find!


Over the years I've used exactly two brands of SD cards.  Those from Canon (still have a 16 MB one for sentimental sake) and SanDisk.


Yep, do only purchase reputable brands and then only from reputable dealers.  e.g. Amazon is known to to have fake cards.


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Re: SD Card surprise

That's hysterical! Smiley LOL Sure wasn't expecting to see that inside.


I thought maybe there'd be a couple of tiny hamsters running in an excercise wheel. Or  maybe some Seamonkeys.

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