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RP moisture and low temps

Hello, I read that the RP is weather sealed but doesn't use gaskets to do so. Canon just used "precision" fit for the parts.

I was shooting in some very, very light drizzle for an hour and the next day my mode selector will only flip between a couple settings. Video mode is totally gone and unelectable.

I can live with this for now, but I'll be shooting stills in -10 F this weekend (for fun) and am wondering if it'll really ruin my camera.

Is it worth the risk? Any RP users have a good experience with low temps?

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Re: RP moisture and low temps

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You don't have to be an RP user to give advice on this.  The same rules apply regardless of the equipment being used. 


For Fun


Most cameras are designed to be used at 0 ~95*F.  The RP's max recommended temp is 85* (yep 85)


-10 will put additional strain on all of your cameras components.  The battery is not designed to supply power for any length of time or run efficiently in these conditions.  It will likely work, but for how long is anyones guess.  Its useful life could also be greatly reduced.  To get good results, you'll have to keep it in a pocket (warm) and load it right before use. 


The next biggest problem is condensation.  If you use the camera in these conditions, I suggest you have a few zip lock bags and dessicant.  You will get condensation almost immediately when the camera starts warming up from its -10 environment exposure.


There is also a possibility of LCD issues at temps below 0.     


You want to take your camera to the snow, no problem.  (Use bags) and let it acclimate to room temp before taking it out of the bag.   


-10...  My honest opinion, that's too cold, but its your stuff.   



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