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EOS Webcam Utility - shuts off then on every 30 minutes


I have a Canon 7D Mark II and a Macbook running MacOS 10.15.7 running the 1.1 release of the EOS Webcam Utility.  I have the camera setup as a webcam and works great except for one new behavior.  If I'm in a meeting longer than 30 minutes, it'll shutoff almost exactly at 30 minutes for a couple seconds and then reconnect.  It sounds like it is power cycling.  In the Setting menu I already adjusted the Auto Power Off to disabled.  When I had the beta webcam utility, this wasn't happening.  Only really started noticing it after I updated it to 1.1.


Any thoughts on how to fix this?


Try setting auto power off to 1 minute.

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Me too. 7D Mark II firmware v.1.1.3 and auto power off disabled , MB Pro w/ Big Sur, webcam utility 1.0


Every 30 minutes camera disconnects and reconnects after a second or two.




I just figured out that it doesn't cycle off every 30 minutes if there is no memory card in the camera. That's right, no card, no problem.

Still not working for me.  Are you taking out both the SD and CF card?  Also, what setting are you using for the camera (e.g. AV/P, live view mode, etc)?

Right, I don't have any memory cards in my camera. I'm in AV mode.

Try setting auto power off to 1 minute.

This fixed it!!!

Just came here to say, your solution works on my Canon T2i and thank you, you a true internet hero.

I tried this last week and seemed to work. Now with auto power off set to 1 min, the camera shuts off in 1 min. What am I missing here?

This worked along with removing the SD card, thanks!!! It is for sure a bug that needs to be addressed! I was about to return all my canon gear for Sony 😂

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