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EOS Webcam Utility 2.0 Instructions Fail To Inform Users to Start Camera First


I did not see any instructions for the EOS Webcam Utility 2.0 that specifically said to start the camera before the software. In fact the software reminds the users to make sure the camera is turned on, but that's already too late because the software is already running.
Trial and error allowed me to deduce that the camera must be connected and turned on before the software is turned on. The software is unable to connect to the camera when the camera is turned on after the utility is running.
This is one of several issues that I encountered when attempting to make maximum use of this utility. The documentation appears to me to have never been tested by users who would have surely provided feedback on this issue before I encountered it.

For the record, the operating system is Windows 11. Is it possible that the operating system has some influence over the functionality of the EOS Webcam Utility 2.0?


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This is like saying you did not know you had to turn the car on before you put it in drive.

Actually, this situation is nothing like an automobile with an internal combustion engine. This is like turning on the computer before you turn on the monitor. There is no requirement that the monitor be turned on before the computer is powered up. The order of operation does not control the outcome.

There are many other computer-related devices that do not require a particular order or sequence of being powered on for them to operate properly. A router does not have to be on for the computer to operate properly. Printers and scanners may be turned on after the computer is already running. Microphones and audio mixers do not need to be turned on before the Canon EOS Utility software is turned on. So the vast majority of these devices have set a reasonable expectation of what is most likely to be intuitive to most users.


Hello HansenJC!

The software's most current version, the Getting Started Guide, and all other relevant instructions can be found on the EOS Webcam Utility site HERE

Hello Stephen,

I read through that site rather thoroughly and it sure did not seem to me to clearly state that the order of operation requires that the camera be turned on before the software. If you can find it on that site please identify where it is.
I apologize for being cranky, but there was way too much marketing crap before the real substance.
Too many pictures and not enough instructions.
I simply never saw it in spite of me spending easily an hour scouring that site.

The getting started guide (under the giant "BEFORE YOU BEGIN" section) lays it out step-by-step. HERE is a link for it, and here is the text from the section that matters:

1. Once restarted, using your USB cable, connect one end of the USB cable to your camera, and
then connect the other end to your computer. A direct connection to the computer is
2. Set your camera to [Movie Mode]. Use your camera’s Mode Dial, Mode Switch or Mode Button interface.
3. Lastly, open your web conferencing/streaming app of choice. Find the [Audio/video settings] menu and set “EOS Webcam Utility Pro” as the camera of choice. Confirm that your computer’s built-in microphone is selected as your “microphone”

I hope this is helpful! 

I want to clarify - that wasn't meant to sound snarky! I was being descriptive/matter-of-fact! 🙈


Many people have experienced issues getting started.  Most are not following any set of directions or online instructions.  Do you have link to the online instructions that you used?

Canon EOS Webcam for Windows - Use Your DSLR as a Webcam 

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Hello Waddizzle,

The video which you linked to was created in 2020 before version 2.0. And while I did watch it, I had connected my camera to my computer long before I had updated to version 2.0. And while the video had all the steps in the proper order, it said nothing about the requirement that the software must NOT be turned on until after the camera is turned on.
Fast forward to yesterday when I updated and paid for the subscription for the version 2.0 utility software. The camera was already connected to the computer, it just wasn't turned on. But the instructions for the utility software never stipulated that the camera must be operating prior to starting the utility software. This order of operation is key to getting the software to work and I feel it should have been mentioned.

It will works the same way, just as you have noted.  And, there is no app in the computer to “turn on”, not unless you are referring to a user app like OBS.

I must admit that I do not understand you complaint regarding turning on the software.  The webcam software is a device driver.  The Operating System turns it on when it detects a camera has been connected to the USB port.

When you start your user app, like OBS, these apps will look for cameras when it starts up.  Most of them do not check for cameras again after the initial startup.  Why would they?

In some of the newer MILC bodies, you do not even need to install the Webcam Utility because the cameras have a “webcam mode” for using the USB port.

"The right mouse button is your friend."